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Organizing your company with PerClient

Organizing a company is a very difficult task. Running a company generally involves dealing with large amounts of information and multiple employees generating and needing information everyday.

At the beginning, a company may handle their daily operations using some basic information system, where clients information may be stored in a file or multiple files, and each employee have his own "to do list", to keep track of his tasks.

Not having a centralized system to handle all this information, is inefficient and generally leads to errors, versions problems, misunderstandings and economic losses. As a company grows, this problems make everyday operation almost impossible and company productivity falls.

To solve that situation, an online system is ideal, as it allows a company to centralize all the information and keep it updated and accessible from everywhere.

Having all your clients information centralized lets your customer service know exactly the situation of a particular client in seconds, saving valuable time and improving your client's satisfaction.

Managing all your projects and tasks online also lets all your team access their tasks easily, and update their status online, so you can always know the current status and progress of your company, and everyone knows what to do.

PerClient also helps your human resources operations, letting every user register the times they work, which allows you to easily calculate their payments.

With PerClient you can also track which projects or tasks have already been billed or paid and easily identify your clients debts. PerClient accounting reports will also help you to take important decisions about which tasks to priorize, or which are the most profitable clients.

You can also know your client's satisfaction level and evaluate your team work by sending satisfaction surveys to your clients from PerClient. You can later identify your unsatisfied clients and try to improve their satisfaction level, or identify which tasks or projects had a bad result and improve your workflow.

Organizing your company with PerClient will let you centralize all your information, improve your team performance, increase your benefits, save time and improve your client's satisfaction.