PerClient Help Center

Creating custom fields for tasks

PerClient allows you to manage your tasks to efficiently organize your company, however each company may have different needs, so we offer the ability to add custom fields to your tasks.

To add a new custom field, you must select "Customize PerClient" under "Admin" menu. In that screen, click in "Add a custom field" button.

When creating the new custom field, you must assign a name for the field and select the type of field, between "Text", "Check Box" and "Selector", depending on your needs. If you decide to create a "Selector" field, a new field will appear, to enter the possible values of that field.

Possible values for selector fields must be entered separated with commas, and in the order you want them to appear in the dropdown list of the field. You can come back to add new possible values in the future, but can't remove or edit them. Note: verify the resulting selector before starting using it, in case you need to delete it and create another one.

Once you create a custom field, you will be able to set a value for that field when editing a task or during a "Batch Update" and see the values when looking at a task information page.