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Clients Management

  • Store clients information
  • Fast access to clients profiles
  • Import your clients database
  • Track client's projects status
  • Track client's pending tasks
  • Know client's accounting status
  • Charge your clients credit cards

Projects Management

  • Upload projects documentation
  • Store essential access information
  • Assign deadlines and priorities
  • Fast access to projects profiles
  • Store projects budgets
  • Assign projects managers
  • Track projects accounting status

Tasks Management

  • Group your tasks with milestones
  • Organize your tasks with status, priorities and deadlines
  • Track overdue tasks or next deadlines
  • Assign task responsible users
  • Upload related files
  • Receive full e-mail notifications

Issues / Bugs Tracking

  • Let clients report bugs or issues
  • Get e-mail notifications about reported or updated issues
  • Automatic notifications are sent to clients when issues are updated
  • Communicate with client writing directly on a reported issue
  • Associate issues and tasks

Credit Cards

  • Accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover using your Authorize.Net merchant account
  • Charge credit cards, authorize payments or refund clients directly from PerClient
  • Track your client's credit card transactions


  • Assign budgets to tasks or projects
  • Track which tasks or projects were already billed or paid and when
  • Know clients paid or due amounts.
  • Know the value of pending tasks and projects
  • Get accounting reports by periods


  • Store all communications with clients in PerClient
  • Easy access to recent interactions with a client about a project or task
  • Track time spent in communications
  • Track unanswered communications
  • Store a communication file

Satisfaction Surveys

  • Send e-mail surveys to clients to know their opinion about your work
  • Complete surveys directly in PerClient
  • Track clients satisfaction levels
  • Identify tasks, projects or client communications with low satisfaction
  • Get client comments about your work

Team Management

  • Create users for each team member
  • Create roles, edit permissions levels and assign them to each user
  • Track how much time users work
  • Know which tasks they are working on
  • See their recent communications
  • Store their contact and job information


  • Upload files for your tasks, projects or client communications
  • Upload general documentation about your company
  • Create custom pages with information about your company
  • Fast documents downloading
  • Easily identify file formats and sizes

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