Frequently Asked Questions.

What is PerClient?

PerClient is an ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) online solution for companies and individuals to manage their clients, projects, tasks and communications in an efficient and inexpensive way.

Can anyone use PerClient or it requires special skills?

PerClient is very intuitive and easy to use and it's designed to be used by every member of a company, from client services representatives to human resources or developers.

Do I need to download or install anything?

No, PerClient is an online service and it's ready to use immediately after sign up.

I already have a clients database and a tasks database, can I easily import them in PerClient?

Yes, PerClient provides a clients and tasks import tool which enables you to import all your existing information using CSV files. This tool provides detailed instructions on how to import those files and the formats needing.

Is it secure to use PerClient?

Yes, it's completely secure, because PerClient uses secure and certified connections (HTTPs protocol) which doesn't allow anyone to see your information.

Can I work from home with PerClient?

Yes, you can use PerClient anywhere you have an Internet connection and a web browser. PerClient is an online service, so all information is stored in PerClient's servers and can be accessed from anywhere in the world at any time you need.

Can I restrict other users access to certain information in PerClient?

Yes, PerClient provides a Roles system which allows you to create and assign different roles and permissions to each user. This way you can select different permission levels for each section of PerClient, allowing for example to edit tasks but not see accounting information about them.

Can I have my clients report bugs directly in PerClient?

Yes, PerClient provides an Issue Tracker, where your clients can login using a client identifier and password to report any kind of issues they have. Your clients will receive notifications automatically each time their issues are updated.

Can I configure e-mail notifications for PerClient?

Yes, by default PerClient will send you e-mail notifications when new tasks, projects or issues are added and when they are updated, if you have permission to see them. Anyway you can customize which notifications you want receive or if you want to receive only those related to you, like your assigned tasks or projects.

What happens if I need more users or storage in the future?

You can always upgrade your plan limits in your PerClient Account section, so you don't have to worry about needing more users or storage capacity in the future.

Will you be adding new features soon?

Yes, PerClient is constantly growing and adding new features and also improving existing ones. If you need any particular new feature or improvement, please contact us. We will try to satisfy your needs as soon as possible.

Do you use PerClient?

Of course, PerClient is developed and improved using PerClient's own features to track pending tasks, deadlines and priorities. Using PerClient also lets us know what our clients need and helps us to keep improving our system.

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