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PerClient also handles accounting, communications, worked times, bug tracking and satisfaction surveys.

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Manage your projects and tasks in the most easy and efficient way. Catch up with your work and start meeting all your deadlines with PerClient.

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Store all your client's information in PerClient and send satisfaction surveys to know your clients opinion about your work.

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Track all communications with your clients. Always know when was their last call or e-mail. Access full client's status in seconds while on the phone.

Improve your accounting

Keep track of your budgets, payments and debts. Know the value of pending tasks and projects to take better decisions.

Integrate everything

Integrate all your company information and systems in one place. PerClient offers everything you need in a single online application.

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Work from home, or any place in the world with PerClient. Use your favourite internet browser to access your information anywhere you go.

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Start improving your business in seconds, without installing or setting up anything. Get automatic updates and forget about maintenance.

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Save money paying just for what you need, with the cheapest price per user in the market, and without any setup fee or license.

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